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The Original Weight Plate Decals

Custom Designs Adding a Personal Touch to Your Gym

The Original Weight Plate Decals

Easy to Apply

Plate Snacks are easy to apply. It's as simple as check that the sticker fits your plate, peel the backing, apply it by lining up the sticker to the center hole.

Made From Durable Vinyl

Plate Snacks are made from a strong durable vinyl that not only prevents wear and fading, but is strong enough to live in different environments such as basements and garages, where weather conditions come into play.

Any Design, Any Size

All of our designs are made to go on most standard sized weight plates. Check the product description for exact sizing to ensure your sticker will fit your weight plate.

What Our Customers Have to Say

With Plate Snacks, my old, worn down plates have never looked as good! I love these and they bring so much character to my home gym, everyone is super impressed when they workout at my place!

Strict Vision Athletics

Plate Snacks are such a fun and inexpensive way to add custom flavor to my home gym! They are so easy to apply and really durable, I've had mine for over a year now and still look brand new!

Shredded Dad

These aren't your average stickers, the thickness and quality of Plate Snacks are far superior to anything else on the market! It was so easy to apply and place in the ideal spot - with the quality there weren't any wrinkles either.

Vintage Weights

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