Weight Stack Decals

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Style: Custom Design
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* Each contains one stack. If you want front and back covered or if you want both stacks of a functional trainer, change the quantity to two.

Are you looking to replace your weight stack numbers? Why use plain weight stack stickers when you can personalize your home gym with our new custom weight stack decals/stickers. Whether you have a commercial gym, basement gym, or garage gym, you can now add some your brand or gym logo to your weight machines!  

Add your gym logo, numbers, or just a badass design that goes with the theme of your gym!

These weight stickers are made of a strong durable vinyl material with an adhesive that is meant to last.

How it works:

You can select from one of our stock designs or select custom to use your own logo you provide.
Provide the following measurements in the checkout notes:

  • weight stack/machine brand and model and picture (if possible)
  • width of the weight stack
  • height of each weight plate
  • diameter the weight pin hole
  • any initial design thoughts

We will follow up with an email to discuss details of your design. We will not create custom logos for you. You can provide some artwork or a concept for us to use. 

*Keep in mind, if you provide an image and it is not high quality, it may become pixelated when scaled up in size. So the higher the resolution, the better. We will let you know if the image looks subpar before moving forward.

We will communicate via email during the design process. Final design will be shown to you with cutlines for final customer approval prior to print. Expect roughly 2 weeks max for design process and print.

What to expect:

When you receive your weight stack, it will be on one large sheet with each "bar" or plate individually cut out. 

Based on the measurements you provide, we will create each decal slightly smaller to account for any variation in size and ensure that no decal edges hang over the plate which would create problems with he decals being pulled off. We also round over the edges to help prevent the sticker from catching on anything and minimize the potential of peeling.

There will be a small gap between bars on the design. This is to allow the design to be properly cut and not be skewed when applied on the stack.

How to apply:

  1. Make sure the weight stack is clean of any dust, dirt or debris.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol to prep surface. DO NOT use household cleaners (they may have oils in them that prevent proper adhesion).
  3. Peel the decal from the sheet and apply to the weight stack focusing on lining up the center hole first.
  4. Press firmly to remove any air bubbles and ensure adhesive has good contact on the plates.
  5. Over the next day or two, continue to rub the pieces to make sure they are sticking as they should. The bond gets stronger over time.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Webster
Great Product & Service

The high quality printing and material totally upgrades my gym look, and working with Mark is great. He's very communicate and helpful. Couldn't be happier with this product - thanks Mark!

Christopher Schicchi
Rep Aries Weight Stack Decals

High quality...an awesome addition to our gym! It's the first this people notice when they walk in. Thanks!

Rep Athena weight stack and barbell custom decals

I worked with Mark on putting together custom decals for my rep Athena weight stack. He was a pleasure to work with, very responsive, and took the time to go through multiple iterations before finalizing my order. He also put together a custom decal for my barbell, which I was excited about since I wasn't entirely sure they provided that service. Both decals came out great and I could not be happier with the overall experience. I will definitely be using Plate Snacks for any future orders.

Robert Lampton
Super Cool concept

I had an old Cybex leg press that is in great shape but the 500 lb weight stack was a bit of an eye sore. This really was the ticket to fixing that. For 68 bucks it looks great and the guy put in a lot of work. Very happy and very cool concept.

Jonathan Rosner
Amazing upgrade and great communication

These really pop in my gym and is the first thing almost everyone notices. It really puts the theme nicely together, The communication during the ordering process was amazing and last minute adjustments to make sure it was perfect were simple to do