Rack Magnets | American Flag

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Size: 1" Hardware

No more forgetting your rack settings. No more adjusting the bar after its loaded. Grab a set of these magnets to mark your j-cups, safety pins, and other accessories for your squat rack.

The magnet measures 2" wide with a 1.1" wide or .75" hole that fits perfectly on your 3x3 rack for each 1" and 5/8" hardware.

Each set contains 4 magnets. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kenny Peddicord
High quality fast shipping

Love these! They shipped fast and are very high quality with great colors. Adds awesome character and aesthetics to my rack while also being functional!

Anthony Crispin
These are amazing!!

Such a great product. Never guess where the J cups or safeties go again! I recently got a new rack and I swear every time I used it I was adjusting things. Not anymore!

Anthony C

Love these little magnets. I plan on buying more. My girlfriend is constantly moving my J-cups and safety arms around, being that she’s so short, leaving me confused on where I had my perfect bench or squat placement. These easily fix that problem. Quick shipping too.

Dean Bridges
Love the magnets.

I bought American Flag and Donut magnets for my rack. One set for me, the other for my wife. This way there’s no more writing in my rack to see rack height.