Barbell Hanger 2.0

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Color: Passion Pink

Our new and improved barbell hanger is now available with the option to hang on a 5/8" or 1" hardware rack or on your wall using the new Bully Mount Hole mounting system. Vertically store up to 3 olympic sized barbells. 

Coated with a durable black textured powder coat with the popular drip design in Passion Pink that pops through the updated laser cut logo.

The updated wear pads allow for more protection for your barbells including the updated front notch for that extra bump assurance.

This bar storage is made in the USA from 0.1875" thick laser cut steel with replaceable pads to protect your bars and secure them off the floor.

Fits the majority of 25mm-32mm olympic barbells.


  • Two 1″ to 5/8″ reducer bushings provided
  • Hardware for both wall and rack mount
  • Replaceable wear pads
  • Our Bully Mount Hole mounting
  • Heavy duty single piece 7-gauge steel
  • Durable black textured powder coat finish
  • American Made

Note: Axel Bars and certain specialty bars may not properly fit or sit well on the hanger.


Width: 12"

Height: 8.5" (At tallest point)

Depth: 4"

Weight: 5lbs 11oz

Mounting point distance: 10" apart

Hanging Instructions:

1) Find the studs on your wall (usually 16" apart)

2) Hang a stringer (piece of wood) spanning across two of the studs and securely screw in with screws. Make sure it is level prior to screwing the second side 

3) Take the barbell hanger and place it against the stringer and mark the board through the mounting holes.

4) It is best practice to secure a stringer to the studs.

5) Once the stringer is secured to the wall, you can mount your barbell hanger to the stringer using the mounting holes. Adjust to ensure the hanger is level. *If your stringer is thinner than a 2x4, the provided screws may be too long.

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