Black Widow Liquid Chalk

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Size: 4 oz.

Made from laboratory grade magnesium carbonate + two bonding agents. No need for re-application during your workout with this clean grip solution by Spider Chalk. 

Black Widow contains the same ingredients as regular Spider Chalk liquid but with the addition of a grip-enhancing rosin. The new Black Widow formula also includes the new Grip-Lock Technology for even longer-lasting grip.


1. Lasts Longer - Stays on your hand for the entire workout. Our formula includes 2 non-toxic bonding agents so the chalk lasts longer than regular liquid chalk.
2. Pure - We use pure, lab-tested magnesium carbonate. Spider Chalk is the only chalk with that level of purity and you can feel the difference immediately.
3. No Mess - Doesn't rub off onto rocks, clothes, or gym equipment.
4. Not Banned - Can be used in any gym environment including hotels, large gyms, CrossFit boxes and climbing gyms where powder chalk is banned.


  • WASH HANDS so the chalk will stick.
  • Shake the bottle. Shake again. 
  • Squirt a small amount into hand. Rub hands together.
  • Wave hands to help dry.
  • Made in USA

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