Custom Barbell End Caps

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Add some style and personalization to your home gym with some custom barbell end caps. These end caps fit the majority of the most popular brands including Rogue, Titan, Rep and other barbells with a snap ring design. 

How does it work?

Send us your logo, design or text and we will make the rest happen. We will add text and other aspects to the overall design but we will not design you a new logo or graphic. 

Each pair of decals comes with a pair of a pair of aluminum (.08mm) replacement caps with your order. You can use the aluminum set or your existing barbell end caps by adding the custom decal to it.

All end caps measure 1.6” unless otherwise noted when ordering. 

Turnaround time is 5-10 business days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not replicate end caps of existing barbells. The goal is to personalize your home gym and make it YOURS! 

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Strict Vision Athletics gym owner holding custom weight stack decals in unboxing video

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Customer Reviews

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Carp’s Gym
Custom endcaps

I loved these new custom dome enccaps! They look really sweet on magnetic pins. A great way to customize your home gym.

Andrey Kovachev
Best Gym Customisations

Honestly best Work out there . Highly recommend. Makes My Gym Look In best Way

William Tirado

Great improvement to make my barbells look awesome.

T.J. White
Great quality, service, order speed + bonus

I've bought from Plate Snacks 3 or 4 times now, and have had a great experience every time. Response time on questions and custom order details is great, the end product looks awesome, and you often get some extra stickers. This may be due to their being room for more stickers on a standard sheet printout, or just generosity by the company, but either way it's really nice.

The end cap stickers worked perfectly too. I actually didn't know they came already adhered to a metal piece, which almost didn't work in my favor since I intended a few to be used as stickers on the end of my magnetic hitch pins. I got lucky though, and they included 3 sets of loose stickers, which ironically is exactly what I needed. And I still got seven sets of stickers all adhered to circular metal piece for my barbells. I ended up with some extras as a result that I'll use for my inevitable future barbell purchases.

I love supporting companies like this. Thanks again for the great service and quality products!

Paul Carter
A nice custom touch to your barbells!

Very happy with how my custom end caps came out. Looks like it came with the barbell!