Custom Plate Snacks

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Plate Size: 45 lb pair

Add some personalization to your gym by adding custom Plate Snacks weight plate decals. Take your existing weight plates and transform them to fit your personality and gym style.

How's It Work?

After ordering, specify the size and design details in the notes or a follow up email to us (

Provide the image or logo you'd like via email or feel free to reach out prior to ordering to see if we can meet your request.

Please note that low quality images that are small will appear grainy when blown up. It is best to provide a vector file in .ai or .psd or at the very least a .png file.

We will not create a logo for your, but will design plate designs with your existing images and graphics.

Easy To Apply

Cut to fit most olympic size iron/steel weight plates (see size guide below)with a flat back, these vinyl weight decals are easy to apply. Just peel the backing off and line up with the center hole and lay flat. Smooth over with your hand to remove any air bubbles. Thats it!

Thick Durable Vinyl

Plates Snacks stickers are made from a thick, durable vinyl that helps protects from scratches,  prevents wear and fading, and protects against sun and moisture from garage and basement environments.

Note: Not all plates are made equal, so we measure our stickers to fit the majority of the standard 2" plates on the market. We try to leave about 1/8th inch to give some wiggle room. Please measure your plates before placing an order. If you need a custom size, contact us first and we will discuss your options. Please reference the size guide below:

Size Guide:

45 lb 17.25"
35 lb 14.25"
25 lb 10.75"
10 lb 8.75"
5 lb 8.0"
2.5 lb 6.25"


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