Gym Candy | Protein Gummy Bears

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Flavor: Watermelon
Pack Type: Single (1 pack)

Looking for a fun tasty snack without all of the sugar? Try Gym Candy, a protein packed gummy that is low on calories and tastes delicious!

These high protein gummies are perfect to snack on before, during and after a workout or anytime that sweet tooth kicks in!

Single packs contain 1 x 2oz package
3-Packs contain 3x 2oz packages
6-Packs contain 6x 2oz packages

Variety Packs contain the following flavors: Lemonade, Tropical and Watermelon

**NOTICE: Due to the nature of the product and summer heat, it is normal to expect some gummies to stick together. This is normal and they CAN still be peeled apart. They should NOT arrive completely melted together. Any issues must require photo proof.


Per pack: 18g protein, 4g net carbs, 1g fat, 100 calories total.

Ingredients: Gelatin* (grass-fed bovine), allulose, water, erythritol, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, collagen, less than 2% of: natural flavor, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), sucralose, malic acid, potassium sorbate, sunflower oil

*Gelatin (aka collagen that's less processed) is made almost entirely of protein and provides tons of benefits such as a high satiety index(feeling of fullness), joint support, and gut health benefits.

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Customer Reviews

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Haley Holbert
Melted bears...

Although I've had the gummy bears before and loved them. My order came in the order day and alllll of the packs were melted into one big blob. 💔

Deanna Kuempel
Delicious alternative for your sweet tooth

Pleasant surprise with the protein gummies. I was worried they would taste chalky but they did not. So good you could eat several pkgs. there was a delay in shipping which they sent an extra pkg just for inconvenience. Loyal customer for life!

Christian Flores
They Are Ok

These gummies are packed with protein with so little calories so it is worth it for that. However, the taste is ok and there is an after taste that keeps me from having more. Unfortunately when my order was delivered, all my gummies came melted. I wouldnt say its their fault since I live in a hot state it was something unavoidable.

Scott Farkas

Unfortunately my wife (who I had purchased these for) has begun an eating regime where she cannot eat these gummies and I do not eat any gummies. I tried one and they are too seeet for my liking. Is there a way to obtain a refund?
Scott Farkas

Lillie Sorensen

they were so good