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Design: The Clean (Pair)
Plate Type: Regular Bumper Plate

We teamed up with Whiteboard Daily to bring you this special edition Plate Snack for your bumper plates. Add these WBD technique drawings to your gym as a training tool or a simple reminder of good technique.

Select your design and whether you want them for traditional bumper plates or competition/training style bumpers.

Sold in pairs unless you select a bundle which contains 3 pairs (one pair of each design).

Will these fit my bumper plates?


These are meant to stick on bumper plates that have an 8" diameter inner circle and the center hub of 2.75". Please measure your plates since all plates are not made equal. If the center portion of your bumpers are smaller than 8", then the decals may peel off easier since the sticker will overhang and there's more room for sticker to catch. (*Rep 45lb and 25lb bumpers do not have an 8" diameter center circle)

These will only stick to the smooth rubber bumper plates such as but not limited to:
Rogue Echo
Titan Economy Bumper Plates
Fringe Sports Contrast/Black Bumper Plates
CAP Black Bumpers (8" center)
Torque Fitness

**These WILL NOT properly adhere to any type of Hi-Temp or crumb bumper plates. These types of plates tend to be more oily and the adhesive will not stick correctly.


These are designed to fit on the Rogue Competition and Training Bumper plates or any plate with a 7.75" diameter middle plate with 2.25" center hole.

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